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AbilityBank Co., Ltd

Adress                〒105-0003  Minato-ku,Tokyo Nishishinbashi 1-19-14 3F

PhoneNumber                    +81-3-6751-0532

Company Profile                 Advertising Film commercial Video Production

Ministry of Health,     Labour and Welfare Japanese worker dispatching act license  certificate number   :  13-307122 

Partnership companies

Watts of Tokyo co., Ltd.

Company Profile        Advertising  Commercials agency and 

           Entertainment Video Production

                                    Market research and consulting


Sanjou Inc.,

Representative          Yasuyuki Otsuka

Company Profile        Advertising Film commercial Video Production


​MAsashi masuoka

President and CEO

Staff for foregin


Moved to Hollywood from a small town in Nagasaki and spent a half of her life in CA.

Graduated from a collage with Film/TV major and worked as a coordinator, translator, interviewer for Japanese media.

She is also an English adviser for Japanese actors and musicians.

manahito yamazaki


Started acting in high school. Studied musical theater in London for 3 years.

He came back Japan and worked as a

voice actor.

Considering himself as a modern day Samurai who can sing and dance.


Actor. He got a role in a John Woo film and joined SAG. Worked in many major films after.
Casting Consult for AbilityBank with 12 year experiences in Hollywood.

Mari ostra

she has always loved music and singing from an early age, and dream of becoming a professional singer.

she has also been interested in acting for a long time and got her highest GCSE grade in drama class.she is going to translating between English and Japanese. 

Staff for Japan

Osamu shiraisi

Samurai general Hideyoshi Toyotomi look alike. A baseball fanatic with own baseball team.

He spent the most of time in 2016 with John Woo

yasuyuki otsuka

Quiet, but very reliable.

Legendary producer. 

Owner of a well connected

production company.

masashi masuoka

Founder of AbilityBank Co.

and a single father.

He once worked in a city hall to by responding to a request from them, but was brought back to the film industry.

Fan of emotional drama, but usually produce action films in the middle of nowhere.

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